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ISO die springs are manufactured in accordance with ISO 10243

Raymond die springs are made of chrome vanadium alloy DIN 17225 (SAE 6150). The spring has been shot peened. Shot peening strikes the surface, with a reduced risk of breakages as a result. Furthermore, shot peening also helps to improve breaking strength and durability.

Color coding system:
Choose the correct colour group for the required pressure/spring load, travel, service life and installation dimensions (location).

ISO blank Raymond
Vert vaerktoj_dot_gron Minimun load - Longest travel vaerktoj_dot_blaa Bleu
Bleu vaerktoj_dot_blaa Medium load - medium travel vaerktoj_dot_rod Rouge
Rouge vaerktoj_dot_rod High load - short travel vaerktoj_dot_gron Jaune
Jaune vaerktoj_dot_gron Particularly high load - shortest travel vaerktoj_dot_gron Vert

The colour labelling is done by powder coating without a special protection from corrosion.


Dd = Arbor diameter over which the spring can work
Dh = Hole/drilled hole diameter in which the spring can work
L0 = Unloaded length in mm
R = Spring constant in N/mm
F1 = Partial load in N at s1
s1 = Travel at F1 in mm
L1 = Loaded length in mm at F1
F2 = Additional load in N at s2
s2 = Travel at F2 in mm
L2 = Loaded length in mm at F2
Fn = Max. load in N at sn
sn = Max. travel at Fn in mm (shortened service life)
Ln = Loaded length in mm (min. length/max. load)

Fiche technique - Ressorts d'outils de presse

The given limit for load (Fn) or travel (sn) should not be exceeded due to considerable reduction in service life. Die springs must be installed prestressed in order to avoid shock loads. Longest service life is acheived with load and travel on max. 25%. Utilising the maximal values and using the spring in temperatures of over 200oC will have a negative effect on durability.
Calculation of spring force at a given length = travel x spring constant.

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